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CO 2 Dot Matrix Laser Machine


Dot-matrix laser: 60W power glass tube
Input voltage 220V/110V
Display: 10.4-inch touch screen
Weight 80 kg
Airbox packaging
Cooling system: water-cooled and air-cooled
Light guide arm: seven-section twist
With dot-matrix head, two pulse heads, a private head, two vulva heads

Eurostar dot Matrix laser technology

Private laser/beauty laser RST technology

RST Technology will not cause epidermal burns due to excessive temperature

More reliable than traditional surgical methods

Non-invasive private + cosmetic dot matrix laser opens up a new field of non-surgery!

Dot Matrix laser super pulse gold standard

Ultrapulse CO2 dot matrix laser is a kind of minimally invasive laser. The theory is derived from the “father of modern beauty lasers” Rox R. from the Wellman Optical Medical Center of Harvard University in the United States. The dot-matrix photothermal action theory proposed by Professor Anderson is different from traditional lasers. It emits a rectangular laser beam as thin as hair, which directly penetrates into diseased tissues such as scars in the dermis, instantly vaporizes and stimulates collagen and rearrangement. The epidermis heals within 8 hours, and in addition to improving its appearance, it can continuously improve skin function. Rox R. Professor Anderson concluded that CO2 dot matrix lasers are more effective for scars than other laser technologies such as Er: YAG, non-exfoliating dot matrix lasers, dye lasers, and Q-switched Nd: YAG, and are the gold standard for acne scars.

Privacy + beauty co2 dot matrix laser all-in-one machine

Private laser:
Shrink yin: tighten the vagina and tighten 60%

Quickly restore vaginal firmness, no more than half an hour, allowing you to experience the pleasure of “clenching”.

Cleansing yin: Maintaining the cleanliness of the vagina 80%

Cleans the inside of the vagina, moisturizes and protects the vagina from bacterial invasion, and prevents infections and their derived lesions.

Moisturizing yin: dryness and lubricity disappear

Stimulate the internal self-repairing system of the vagina, improve dryness, regenerate new cells, normal endocrine, and improve sex appeal.

Beautiful yin: blushing red, nourishing pinkness

It effectively disappears the pigmentation in the vagina and on the outside of the labia, diminishes the melanin, and instantly becomes delicate and dripping.

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