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Five Star Vasocaine


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Dermal Source’s Five-Star Vasocaine is a liquid-based topical anesthetic in a 4 oz spray top bottle, for use during a pain-sensitive procedure. It is ineffective on intact skin. It is safe for use on all procedures except eyeliner. It also contains a vascular constrictor to reduce swelling and bleeding.

Five-Star Vasocaine is a highly effective secondary anesthetic for use during painful procedures. It is fast-acting and has no burn when applied to open skin.

For use by licensed professionals only.

Active Ingredients:

Lidocaine HCI 5% (Topical Anesthetic)

Epinephrine 0.1% (Vasoconstrictor)

This product is highly effective on broken skin. Use Five-Star Vasocaine during tattooing, piercing, or other broken skin procedures. Where speed of anesthesia and ease of use are important, just spray, let it sit for 90 seconds, remove the product from the skin and you are ready to continue your procedure. Because of the added ingredient of a vascular constrictor, you will also experience a reduction in bruising and bleeding with this product. Do not reapply to previously treated areas while working.

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