Bactine Max Spray

Pain RELIEF & First Aid: Bactine Pain Relieving cleansing liquid is an antiseptic that brings immediate pain relief & itch relief to Minor scrapes, cuts & Burns while cleansing & protecting minor wounds from infection without stinging or burning. For minor wound care: Bactine Max pain Relieving cleansing liquid effectively helps kill germs & prevent skin infection in minor cuts, scrapes, scratches, & Burns. Pain relief & non-stinging formula makes Bactine Max a good first aid solution for children. Pain relief antiseptic: Spray Bactine Max pain Relieving cleansing Spray onto scrapes, scratches, minor cuts & wounds, & Burns, relieving pain & Soothing itching while helping to protect broken skin from infection & germs, helping minor wounds to heal. Easy to use wound cleanser: convenient, easy spray bottle makes it quick to apply this liquid & Gives fast pain relief while cleaning minor wounds. Unlike hydrogen peroxide, Bactine Pain Relieving cleansing Spray helps relieve pain while it cleanses.

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