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Aurora 3 Power Supply

AURORA-3 power supply:

Adapter: lnput Voltage: AC100V-240V/50HZ/60HZ

Output Voltage: DC19V/3.4A, DC port

Output Voltage:0-16V

Maximum Current 2.5A

Feature:Full Touch Screen


1.A,B output ports connect to tattoo machines, The footswitch port

2.The right side arrow adjust the voltage. Short Press up arrow or down arrow once to increases or decreases 0.1V. Long press the voltage up arrow or down arrow to continuously increases or decreases the voltage.

3.The left side arrows adjust the Dot- Box speed. Short Press up arrow or down arrow once increases or decreases the Dot -Box speed by 1.Long press the up arrow or down arrow can continuously increase or decrease the Dot Box speed.The Dot Box speed is 1 to 60 (for coil tattoo machine)
Press the Dot-Box speed to tuirn on/off the Dot- Box function. When the Dot-Box speed shows blue, Dot-Box function is on.

Package include:

1pc* Power supply

1pc*Power adapter

1pc*Power cable

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