Balm Tattoo Dragon's Blood Butter- CBD 0.67% With 250ml

Product Information

∙ Tattoo butter with 0.67% CBD content (1675 mg)
∙ Has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
∙ Prepares the skin perfectly for tattooing.
∙ Provides the skin with moisture before, during and after tattooing and makes it supple.
∙ Soothes irritated and itchy skin.
∙ Reduces the reddening of the skin -> the artist sees better where he is tattooing.
∙ Narrows the pores -> a too strong bleeding of the colors is prevented.
∙ "Dragon's Blood": the eponymous ingredient of Dragon's Blood is a red-brown resin that emerges from the trunk of the South American dragon tree. The indigenous people used dragon blood to treat their wounds.
∙ Antiseptic, so it helps to prevent wound infection from bacteria or fungi.
∙ Antioxidant
∙ Promotes wound healing and stimulates skin renewal.
∙ Very pleasant fragrance.
∙ 100% vegan.

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