InkJecta Flite Nano Elite Titan Rotary Tattoo Machine — Olive Green

The Flite Nano Elite Titan is InkJecta’s all-new flagship tattoo machine with a number of reinvented features for smoother, quality performance. This machine also employs an all new patented torsion drive system with three push bars – Soft, Medium, and Hard – as well as a Black Semi-Rigid drive bar. Also, features an all new state of the art custom Nano technology motor.


  • Colour: Olive Green
  • LED light activation
  • Weight: 47g
  • Custom Nano technology motor
  • Standard 3.25mm chrome cam (crank)
  • Broader voltage length: 4.5V – 20V
  • Non-polarity sensitive
  • No start-up delay
  • RCA connection
  • Titanium lock nut
  • Billet alloy constructed frame with removable and interchangeable cam cover and side bumpers
  • All new patented Soft, Medium, and Hard Torsion drive system
  • All new patented Black Semi-Rigid drive
  • Compatible with Flite V2.1 parts
  • Compatible with variety of different grips
  • Supplied with INOX MX6 lubricant
  • Custom storage case and set-up manual included

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