J3 Direct Drive Rotary


Material: Aluminum

Running Frequency: 10000/m

Start Voltage:4V

Input Voltage:10V

Working Voltage:8-10V

Crafts: CNC-Machined unibody

Motor: Japan Stroke: 5MM

Connector: RCA

Weight:103g ((3.6OZ))

Needle protrusion:2-5MM

Size:97x30x56mm (4.2x 1.1x 2.2 inch)

Package Size:108x93x50mm(4.2 x3.6 x1.96in) G W.:179G(6.3oz)

Feature: 1.Precision DC motorurface metal wire drawing design, colorful.

2.Space aluminum shell, unibody, lightweight.

3.Using coreless motor, low noise, long-lasting stability power strong.

4.Unwarm for a long time working.

5.The Tattoo Machines Frame is CNC-Machined by aircraft Aluminium alloy and then anodized finish.

6.Not only has a colorful appearance, but also liner and shader very strong. 7.One-hand-carved pattern design Ergonomics.

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