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Super Mysterious Box


Value for this Mysterious Box is 100% over MYR200 otherwise we will refund all your money.

What Item Inside the box?

Guarantee 100% you will receive a product value more than MYR200 on the item list below and the most important thing is you have a chance to get 1 pcs of FK IRONS XION or Inkjecta Eclipse for FREE and we place it Randomly inside the box so don't miss your chance to get a FREE HIGH-VALUE MACHINE

  • 1 FK Irons Spektra Xion (Random Color)
  • 3 boxes FYT Cartridges (Random Configuration)
  • 5 bottles of Ink (1oz) (Random Brands Random Color)
  • Dynamic BLK Ink 8oz
  • Dynamic TBK Ink 8oz
  • Balm Tattoo Dragon Blood 250ml
  • Balm Tattoo Dragon Blood 50ml
  • Premium-X Stencil Solution 4oz
  • Premium-X Stencil Solution 8oz
  • Balm Tattoo Stencil Solution 8oz
  • Balm Tattoo Stencil Remover 8oz
  • Balm Tattoo 30gram Aftercare
  • Electrum Stencil Solution 8oz
  • Stencil Stuff  8oz
  • Spirit Freehand Thermal Paper
  • Bandage
  • FYT Clip cord Sleeve
  • FYT Machine Bags
  • FYT RCA Cord
  • FYT Bottle Cover Bags
  • Skin Marker 1 pack
  • FDC-37 GRIP
  • DC-25 GRIP
  • DC-02 GRIP

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