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Vasocaine Spray


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Vasocaine spray is a powerful spray (5% lidocaine) that was developed a use for broken skin during the procedure.

This numbing spray quickly relieves pain within 90 seconds after applying it to the skin.

Numbing as well contains a vascular constrictor - reducing swelling and bleeding.

No sensation or stinging during the time of application- has no odor or perfume additives.


Fast-acting and highly effective pain relief during sensitive procedures on open skin.

  • Numbing for permanent makeup, tattooing, piercing.
  • Vasocaine is safe during procedures on broken skin (not recommended for eyeliner)
  • This numbing spray review is the best from our customers such a great relief for tattoos, it helps with taking the edge off, as well its works with helping the artist clean tattoo ink during the procedure.

    • Sensitivity test advised prior to use
    • Apply it to the affected area (Just spray on the skin area)
    • Wait until the anesthetic effect occurs around 90 seconds
    • Remove product before the continuing procedure

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