Magnum Curved Shader Tattoo Needles


Product Description

Our Magnum Curved Tattoo needles are 100% made of Stainless Steel, come with 50 pieces per box, individually packed and are E.O.GAS Sterilized and ready to use. Size, sterilization date and expiration date printed on each package.

Magnum Curved Shader Tattoo Needles are stacked with a rounded edge and specially designed to allow the shader to hold more ink. This makes it easier for the artist to shade, blend and fill in solid colours more evenly. Long tapered Magnum (M1BC-1) needles are most commonly used for black and grey work; while medium tapered (M1BC-2) are used when working with colour.


  • 50 Needles per box (1223 M1BC and 1225 M1BC are 20 needles per box)

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