S8 Needle Cleaner

When added to your rinse cups. S8® RED Needle Cleaner actively removes ink, petroleum and biological matter like vegetable waxes and oils from needle groupings without additional wiping on paper towels. RED Needle Cleaner is compatible with all needle and cartdrige technologies and is safe for all skin types. 


  •           Add 3-4 pumps of S8® RED Needle Cleaner to distilled water in rinse cups during setup.
  •           Run the needle cartridge of your machine in the rinse cup prior to introducing ink to blend S8® RED Needle Cleaner with the distilled water.
  •           Use rinse cup by dipping needle groups into the cleaner to remove ink from needles, tubes, and cartridges.


Water,AlliumCepaLiliaceae,DacusCarotaSativia,Rapa Glabra,Cyamposis,Tetragonoloba,ClycineMax,4-hydroy-3- Methoxybenzaldehyde, Sapivum Sebiferum, Trifolium PratenseOil


  •                236 ml (8oz) bottle
  •                Rapidlyremovesunwantedmaterialfromneedles,tubes,andcartridges
  •                Ensures faster colour changes
  •                Reducesneedlewearandimprovesinkflow

Vegan and No Animal Testing! 

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